You encountered the Superboss

Compendium Entry

My name is Scott Evenson, I'm a level 101 Software Superboss! I am proficient at building software in the back end so you can take everything at face value. I have worked in a number of projects, Web and Mobile, both solo and in teams, some of which are still being used today by the college. I also worked as a facilitator, helping students to succeed in the program and accelerate their learning. I believe in three working principles; Team Work, Hard Work, and Get 2 Work. A tight knit team to work with, getting the job done right, and guaranteeing the work is not wasted. My dream goal is to gather a team with the same ideals and own a company developing software, games, and changing the way the world runs. I look forward to building your next successful project!


PHP, Debugging
OOP, Agile
Web Technology, Multi Project
Educational Leader, Refactoring
Routing, Team Player
Frameworks, Creativity
UML, Adaptable
Language Learning, Risk Taker


Made in Kent

A web app showcasing manufacturers and other businesses in kent. Users can filter and search a map to locate businesses with categories and keywords. IT 485, IT 486.


A web app for English for Speakers of Other Languages. Allows users to create, edit, review, and delete cards. Teachers can also grade cards submitted. IT 305.

Refactor Recode

A Personal Project. A website to use as a library for comparing high level coding languages with eachother. Done originally with Meteor and being ported to Fat-Free.

Lean, Mean, Kanban Machine

PowerPoint Presnetation to teach students about Lean and Kanban Principles. Presented as alternatives and extentions to the Agile methodology. IT 355.


PowerPoint Presentation teaching students how to use the SQLite database for Android devices. Presented with a live demo as a teaching topic. IT 405.

SD Antipatterns

An informational website about Software Design Antipatters. Learn about various things NOT to do designing software. Built with the Fat-Free Framework. IT 426.